Valencia is the healthiest city in the world

Valencia healthiest city 2022

The city of oranges, markets full of fresh fruit and vegetables, sun and sea. For us it is not a surprise, but only a confirmation: this year, Valencia has once again been named the healthiest city to live in in the whole world.

Spain as the healthiest country

The orange does not fall far from the tree, as Spain was previously declared the healthiest country in the world to live in. This can be explained by various factors in the lifestyle of Spanish people, such as food, exercise, but also the general way of living and coping with life. The second place of the healthiest cities of 2022 is also given to a Spanish city; the capital Madrid. The capital of Australia, Canberra, takes third place.

Money healthiest cities 2022

What makes a city 'healthy'?

The top 20 healthiest cities to live in is the result of a study by British comparison website Money. Factors they look at include average life expectancy, levels of air pollution, obesity rates, safety and hours of sunlight. Access to healthcare and the availability of nurses, social workers, psychiatrists and psychologists also count in the score.

The healthy lifestyle of Valencians

To begin with, Mediterranean cuisine is already known to be balanced when it comes to the right nutrients. Healthy fats and omega-3 from olive oil and fish, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants from fruit and vegetables. In addition, all these ingredients are within easy reach. Not only literally because it grows in the countryside, but also because this healthy food is very affordable. While in some other countries we claim that ‘healthy living is expensive’, in Valencia you will not get away with this excuse. Eating healthy is simply normal in Spain and is something everybody is familiar with.

On top of that, Valencia is a very sporty city. You can see this when you are in the Turia Gardens, for example. Besides walkers, cyclists and runners, you will see people active everywhere. From relaxing yoga classes, to people who sweat it out on one of the many sports equipment available in the park. Furthermore, for Spanish people walking is a very normal way of getting from A to B, but also a social activity, to have a nice chat.

Living in the healthiest city in the world

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