Preparing to move to Valencia

When preparing to move to Valencia there are a number of factors to be considered and decisions that need to be made. To help you make practical, informed decisions – and find out more about Valencia itself – we will contact and discuss things with you remotely, if you are not physically in Valencia. During this initial meeting we will introduce ourselves and establish what it is that we can do for you.

We will explain the process and what’s involved for both temporarily and permanently moving to Valencia. Here you will begin to understand the essential value that our services add.

The next steps are for us to then organise a Valencia Orientation Trip and then draw up your personal Moving Schedule – a step-by-step relocation plan. To find out more, continue reading below. We have also compiled a selection of the most Frequently Asked Questions that we feel will help you start your journey.

Orientation Trip

If you are not yet familiar with the city or region and don’t know where exactly you would like to live, an orientation trip is vital. During this trip, you can explore the location yourself, but with the aid of the knowledge and expertise that we provide. In this way, you will quickly learn a lot about the city and various regions, and will likely establish where exactly you would like to live.

We also provide information about schools, public transport, healthcare, shops and the very best restaurants in the area.

The orientation trip will begin with an introduction at our office, where we will provide you with a personalised welcome package and, of course, explain everything you need to know about beautiful Valencia.

We will then set out to explore the city and possibly see one or two suitable homes, before concluding with an evaluation, perhaps over a drink, during which we can answer further questions that may have arisen and will ensure that everything is clear.

The orientation trip is tailor-made and completed as desired.

Moving Schedule

Once you decide to move to Valencia, we will collaborate with you to establish a clear plan. We pride ourselves on being flexible throughout the entire process, especially as relocations always involve numerous parties, so we will always tailor the plan to incorporate everyone involved.

During the planning stage, we will indicate what you need to do and who is going to be involved. You can choose what aspects you would like to handle personally, or decide to leave everything to us. We will also give you a checklist indicating what you can do from your own country.

Together with your step-by-step plan, you will be completely ready for this beautiful adventure!

Frequently Asked Questions

Planning and preparing to move to Valencia will likely be a long process. As such, we suggest that you start the process as far in advance as possible. If you own a property that you need to sell, or if you have school-going children, we recommend that you start planning at least half a year before the move. If you rent a property, you can expect to complete the planning and organisation a little faster. In any case, we advise that you make necessary arrangements in your current country of residence and that you contact us as soon as possible.

Also make sure you plan enough time to visit Valencia at least a few times before moving so you can already arrange certain matters in advance (think of finding schools, looking for housing and arranging required paperwork). If you are in a hurry, we can speed up the process by efficiently making arrangements on your behalf. We are here to make the moving process as enjoyable and as simple as possible.

If you have children that go to school, we advise that you plan to move to Spain during the summer holidays. The children can subsequently start the school year at their new school in Valencia. There will be enough time to get adjusted to the situation and to start life in a new country. Do make sure that you come to Valencia before the actual move to look at schools and arrange other matters. If you have no children, you can relocate to Valencia at any time you wish, but we suggest that you don’t move during the hottest months of the year. Furthermore, don’t expect to get everything done in August, as most of the people are enjoying their holidays. The same counts for Fallas in March since there will be not much going on in Valencia apart of the festivities. But rest assured, whenever you decide to move, we are here to help you all year long!

There is much to arrange when preparing to move to Valencia. Take the time to compile a list of people, companies and services that you need to contact before you move. Don’t forget to inform your local government office to de-register. Remember to pay local and national taxes and make sure you have no outstanding bills. You don’t want to be surprised with invoices once you’re enjoying your life in Spain!

Inform your landlord that you wish to terminate your rental agreement in good time, or contact your mortgage provider. If you own a house and would like to sell it, you should start planning at least six months in advance.

Contact your telephone company to disconnect the landline by the time you leave. The same applies to your mobile phone. Don’t cancel your mobile phone contract too soon though; we suggest you first take out a contract with a Spanish provider. Furthermore, don’t forget to cancel your internet and television contracts. Also, arrange a cancellation date for the utilities such as electricity, water and gas. Cancel all subscriptions such as gym memberships, local classes and magazines deliveries.

If you have children, inform their school: the staff can help you take care of any formalities and provide you with exam results and evaluations.

Should you have a gardener, don’t forget to terminate the agreement and request they return the keys of your house.

Other things to consider and organise include requesting medical and dental records and contacting your insurance company and bank. However, don’t deactivate and close your account(s) too soon! Bear in mind that your employer may transfer wages after your departure and bills might still need to be paid from the account.

If you want to know what else you ought to consider, check our pre-move checklist, or feel free to ask us for a personalised plan!

As well as the things you should arrange in your current country of residence, there are also a few things that you can handle in Spain from a distance.

It is a good idea to request an NIE number at the Spanish consulate in your country of residence. You will consequently avoid last-minute visits to the Spanish police office (with officers only speaking Spanish), trying to acquire an NIE post-move. Moreover, you will avoid extra costs associated with applying through a lawyer with a power of attorney.

Of course, you can also contact us to assist you. We can get acquainted virtually via Skype, Zoom or Teams before meeting face to face in Valencia. We can tell you more about the process, send you housing options and provide a personalised pre-moving checklist.

There is a lot we can already assist you with remotely!

Your new country should feel like home as soon as possible. It is good to get to know Valencia City and the broader region before you move. We suggest you take an orientation trip to see if the Spanish lifestyle (and Valencia in particular) fits your needs. We are happy to offer a bespoke orientation trip as part of our service.

Also, ensure that you prepare for the Valencian way of living before moving. You can enrol in a Spanish language course while still living in your own country. For example, you can find many great Spanish lessons online.

From our personal experience, we can confidently say that the Spanish lifestyle is excellent. So stop worrying and start enjoying. We can’t wait to see you in Valencia!

Do you organise flights and accommodation for the orientation trip?

Yes, we can. We are happy to suggest or book the best available travel and accommodation to fit your schedule and budget.

How much does the orientation trip cost?

The cost depends on what you want. Our basic package starts from €295 which includes:

  • An introductory meeting at our office
  • A two-hour tour of Valencia (or the area)
  • Some tapas to conclude

If you buy a property with Dream Properties Valencia, this fee will be redeemable against the cost of the property.

How can I prepare for the orientation trip?

It is best if you establish what you want to get from this trip in advance.

  • Do you wish to explore a specific neighbourhood in Valencia?
  • Do you want to find out what properties Valencia has to offer?
  • Are you looking to visit Valencia’s schools?
  • Do you need a general introduction to Valencia?

We are here to ensure that you meet your objectives, by organising everything on your list before you arrive.

Is the orientation trip a compulsory part of the package?

Nothing in our packages is compulsory! Our services are fully customisable to meet your individual needs.

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