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When it comes to finding a home in Valencia, as with anywhere, your options are either to rent or buy. The choice between buying and renting depends on various factors, such as the length of your stay and your available budget. 100% mortgages are not available in Spain, so you will need to have a deposit ready before buying a house.

Valencia is also suitable for investors as the property prices are generally low, especially when compared to the bigger cities like Madrid and Barcelona. There are numerous opportunities for qualified investments, which are increasingly important as money in the bank yields less and less.

Buying Property in Valencia

In conjunction with our real estate department – Dream Properties Valencia – we know the local market expertly and can therefore help you with finding a home in Valencia, selecting the best houses in align with your preferences.

We work with other local brokers to ensure we find the right property for you. Well handpick a selection of properties for you to view, based on your specified requirements and criteria. We will advise you honestly about locations, prices and types of homes available. This way, we can ensure that finding a home in Valencia becomes a reality.

Have you already found your home? We ensure legal matters are taken care of by recommending the very best lawyers.

Renting Property in Valencia

We can also help to find the perfect rental property for you and your budget. Through our network of local property rental agents, we will select the properties that meet your needs and then promptly schedule the viewing appointments for you.

Renovation & Maintenance

If the house you have purchased needs a little or a lot of TLC, we can help with both small and significant renovations. We can arrange these for you.

Moreover, once you settle in, we can provide you with contacts for services to maintain your home, garden and swimming pool, upon your request.

Styling & Interior Design

A brand new style offers the opportunity to create a wholly unique atmosphere to your home. The sunny surroundings of Valencia will undoubtedly inspire you with its beautiful tiles, warm colours and natural accents.

Do you need some styling advice or do you want to outsource this entirely? Of course, Relocation Services Valencia can also arrange this for you.

Water & Electricity

Whether you rent or buy a house, you will have the usual basic needs in terms of utilities. We ensure to arrange this for you through the official authorities. There is also the option of green electricity, which often works out to be far cheaper – we have contacts with reliable solar panel suppliers.

Internet, TV & Telephone

In Spain, there are a variety of options and combination packages for internet, TV and telephone.  We can offer you advice and may even be able to make the necessary arrangements, depending on the location and situation of your property, so that you can enjoy both local and international TV.

A reliable internet connection is also essential nowadays, especially as remote working is becoming increasingly mainstream. We’ll connect you with the most reliable providers.

Frequently Asked Questions

When it comes to finding a home in Valencia there are a lot of available properties (both to rent and for sale) in Valencia city and the greater region. You can search all online portals to find your new home, but at some point, you could be overwhelmed by all options.

It is, of course, essential to find not only a house but a home when relocating to Valencia. In conjunction with our real estate department – Dream Properties Valencia – we know the local market very well. Therefore, we can select the best houses in alignment with your preferences.

With Dream Properties Valencia, we work on a higher, broker transcending level. Due to how the real estate market in Spain is organised, we can show you every available property on the real estate market. Whatever you are looking for we will find your dream property (both rental and sale). Once we know your preferences, we can make the first selection of properties that might suit you. Please feel free to send us the properties you have found, and we will immediately start planning viewings. We will join you during all viewings, and ensure you buy your dream property for the best price. Moreover, we can provide you with a good property lawyer and renovation team if needed. We will be there for you during the whole process!

Let us know what you are searching for, and we will start searching!

When it comes to finding a home in Valencia, many clients ask us if it would be better to look for properties in Valencia city or the broader region. Of course, this is a personal choice. Valencia is a great city to live because of all the restaurant options, shops, culture, beach and all other necessities. Valencia is the third biggest city in Spain but still small enough to walk or ride a bike to most places. If you like city-life, Valencia city is the place for you. Depending on your budget, you could find an apartment in the city centre, such as the Ruzafa neighbourhood. Alternatively, you can look for something in a quieter area such as Monteolivete, En Corts or Cabanyal. Do keep in mind that Valencia is a city of apartments and that you won’t find detached villas with a private pool.

On the other hand, if you prefer to have more peace, privacy and space, you may wish to look in the broader region. You can find many beautiful, Spanish-style villas with a private pool, located just 20 to 30 minutes from Valencia city and the beach.

Generally, we consider both Valencia city and the broader region as good housing options. With our Dream Properties department, we can show you all available properties in the city and the wider area.

Given its size, the flat terrain and great climate a stroll through the city streets is often the easiest way to get around in the city center. Valencia is the third biggest city in Spain but also just small enough to get around on foot. If you plan on relocating to the city of Valencia it might not be necessary to get a car since parking is often easier said than done. If you are travelling from one part of the city to another, it is advisable to use the public transportation network, in particular if you are short of time. This network includes connections to every part of Valencia and the beach and also provides links to some of the main points of interest in the surrounding area, including the València airport (Manises). 

The Municipal Transport Company (EMT) covers a total of 59 bus routes, 44 daytime routes and 13 night routes, covering all areas of the city. The metro of Valencia offers another great way to get around in the city and region. If you are planning to relocate to a villa in the region of Valencia you will most likely find good housing in about 20 to 30 minutes from Valencia and the beach. The metro system operates connections inland (all the way to Lliria) but we still always advise to get a car since the properties are often located still on a short drive away from the metro station. Also make sure you, while looking for housing, check how far the school of your children is located from the property and if there is a school bus connection in the near surroundings. Where can you find the nearest shops and how do you get to work in the best and fastest way possible?

Last but not least, Valencia is the perfect city for driving a bike. It’s possible to cycle safely around most of the city thanks to its extensive network of segregated cycle lanes and flat terrain. You could buy a bicycle or use the Valenbisi system.

The choice to buy or to rent in Valencia is very personal. When emigrating to Valencia permanently, most clients choose to buy so that they are investing their money instead of losing it. The property prices are still perfect for investment. Money at the bank is not as profitable an investment as it used to be. Also, for investment reasons (if not moving permanently) it might be a good idea to look into buying since the property prices are still in a lift.

Renting might be a better option if you plan to live here temporarily, or to be entirely sure of the location you would like to live before buying a property. You can explore the city or region from your rental property to find out where you feel at home. Renting, in general, might be the better option if you have a smaller budget. In Spain, you will always need to take a certain amount of money since you won’t be able to get 100% finance.

Our Dream Properties Valencia department would be delighted to help you with finding a home in Valencia. We can show you both properties for rent and sale.

The cost of the buyer or transfer tax in Spain is 10% of the purchase price of a home. On top of this, there are the lawyer’s fees (1-2%, often with a minimum of €2000 excluding VAT), the notary fees (approximately 1%) and the real estate agency commission. In Valencia, the real estate agency fee is a commission of 3% excluding VAT (of 21%) and with a minimum of €3000 excluding VAT. So, in general, there are about 15-16% of additional costs involved when buying in Valencia. For properties under €100.000, this percentage might increase slightly, due to the minimum fees of both lawyers and real estate agencies.

In the case of new construction, you should also expect to pay 1.5% of the registration fee. We recommend that you calculate the additional costs generously in order not to be surprised later.

Do you have any questions? Please feel free to contact us, and we will provide you with more information about the additional costs when buying in Valencia.

Should you wish to rent a property, keep in mind that agencies charge one month of rent (excluding the VAT of 21%) as a commission. Thoroughly check if the rental fee includes furniture, utility bills and communal fees.

Furthermore, the owner can ask a ‘fianza’ (deposit) of one, two or even up to six months of rental payment in advance. Of course, we will try to negotiate the best conditions for you.

Do you have any questions about finding a home in Valencia? Please feel free to contact us, and we will provide you with more information about the costs when renting in Valencia.

Yes, you can take out a mortgage with a bank in Spain. However, the Spanish banks have indeed become stricter in recent years. Your situation, age, income and financial and debt position, will influence whether you can get a mortgage. As a non-resident, banks will give you a maximum of 70% mortgage on the purchase price (or appraisal value) of the property. Moreover, they will use the lowest appraisal value, so you should consider that the amount of finance you get may be lower than expected. “Rustico” houses located on rural land will only get a maximum of 60% finance on the appraisal value of a property, which is often lower than you expect. Furthermore, additional costs, like buyer costs, are not included in a mortgage, so you need a considerable amount of equity capital if you want to finance through a Spanish bank.

Example: Suppose you want to purchase a house for 100,000 euros and you can finance 50%. You have to take into account 50,000 euros + the buyer costs of about 15 – 20% = approximately 70,000 euros in equity.

We can, of course, advise you and introduce you to the best Spanish banks and intermediaries. Please do not hesitate to contact us!

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