5 habits of Happy Expats in Valencia

Woman walking in Valencia by the beach - Expats in Valencia

If you’re hoping to enjoy expat life in Valencia, there’s nothing quite like diving straight in! Sure, it helps to prepare as much as you can before relocating, but real-life experiences for expats in Valencia can be quite different… After moving, many people love the buzz of their new surroundings, while others take a while […]

5 tips for Moving to Valencia and settling in quickly

Valencia Skyline - Tips for moving to Valencia

So, you’re packing up your life and heading to the sunny shores of Spain! You’re all set to sip sangria on the beach and enjoy paella hotspots around town. But before you dust off your passport,  take a look at our tips for moving to Valencia so you can quickly adjust to life there. Ahead […]

Moving to Valencia: Moving Abroad Checklist

moving abroad checklist

You are moving to Valencia, and you can’t wait to start your new life. There are many things to organise in advance, from booking the flights to arranging international removal. In our opinion, a moving abroad checklist is essential. Relocation Services Valencia can take care of many items on the list, as part of our […]

Why Move To Valencia?

why move to valencia

Moving to Spain is a popular choice among Europeans and non-Europeans alike. International emigrants have long been flocking to Spain’s sunny shores, in particular to cities like Barcelona. But there is one cosmopolitan gem that people often overlook; a shame as life in Valencia is second to none. Valencia has it all. From the historical […]

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