Moving to Valencia: Moving Abroad Checklist

You are moving to Valencia, and you can’t wait to start your new life. There are many things to organise in advance, from booking the flights to arranging international removal. In our opinion, a moving abroad checklist is essential

Relocation Services Valencia can take care of many items on the list, as part of our bespoke relocation packages. But whether or not you’re handling these matters by yourself, it is useful to have a list for your reference.

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Ensure That The Essentials Are Covered

Our checklist assumes that you already have accommodation and are ready to get into the nitty-gritty of the moving process. If not, we recommend you start browsing the fantastic selection of properties available to buy and rent in Valencia.

The Moving Abroad Checklist

Obtain a valid passport 

Having a valid passport seems obvious, but if you need to renew it before the move, you should do so in plenty of time. You need your passport number to book the flight, which will change when you receive the renewed passport. It can take up to three weeks to receive your new passport if you apply online or longer if you apply by post. Be sure to apply in plenty of time either way.

British nationals: from January 1st 2021, there must be at least six months left on British passports to travel to other countries within Europe.

Create photocopies of your passport

There will be times when you are required to send a photocopy of your passport, such as when applying for residency. We recommend creating up to five photocopies before the move.

Obtain a valid driving license

If you plan to drive in Spain, make sure that your driving license is also valid. You can usually drive in Spain with a valid, full license from your home country for the first six months (if you’re 18). Should you wish to continue driving after this period, you will need to exchange it for the Spanish equivalent.

Apply for a NIE/Prepare to apply for a TIE

The NIE (Número de Identificación de Extranjero) is your ID number in Spain. You will require this number for many administrative formalities. EU citizens can obtain a NIE through the Spanish consulate in their home country. Non-EU citizens instead must apply for a TIE (tarjeta de identidad de extranjero), which is a biometric card that will include the NIE alongside other information. 

You cannot obtain a TIE before moving to Spain, so we instead advise non-EU citizens to familiarise themselves with the process before moving. You will want to be ready to apply as soon as you have moved.

British nationals: as of now, British citizens also require a TIE as opposed to only a NIE. Ensure that you prepare any documentation that you may need to apply.

Research healthcare options

There are various ways that you can access the national health system, such as through being employed in Spain. Moreover, you can access healthcare by pay a small amount into the ‘Convenio Especial’ (public health insurance scheme). Spend time researching the options most suitable for you and make the necessary arrangements in good time.

EU citizens: Before moving, at least make sure you have applied for and obtained an EHIC card: this will cover you before making permanent arrangements.

Obtain copies of your medical records

You may wish to obtain copies of your medical and dental records before moving to Valencia. We recommend this so that you can be sure you will receive consistent medical care. Speak to your doctor and dentist to obtain the copies.

Prepare copies of other important documentation

In Spain, you will likely require documentation like birth and marriage certificates for various administrative matters. We suggest organising copies of all necessary documentation and storing them on a USB or through cloud storage.

Have passport-style photos on hand

You will require passport-style photos when you apply for residency, or when handling other formalities. It will save time to have these taken before you move.

Inform the necessary government offices

You must inform various government offices that you are moving abroad. For example, those that deal with your pension, benefits and taxes. You will likely also need their advice regarding various matters, like possible accrued pension and national insurance contributions.

Inform your national vehicle licensing agency

If you plan to take a vehicle, you are required to inform the national licensing agency from where you export it. For example, UK residents must fill in the ‘permanent export’ section of their vehicle logbook and send this section to the DVLA. Remember that you will need to bring the full logbook (V5C) to Spain. Alternatively, return the vehicle and obtain a certificate of indemnification if you don’t wish to take your car to Spain.

Get your pets ready to go

Have a vet help you to obtain an internationally recognised pet passport for your four-legged friends. Furthermore, ensure that they are given any necessary vaccines in advance. You will also want to make travel arrangements with your pets in mind: try to do this in plenty of time.

Arrange international removal

You likely have a pretty good idea of what you would like to take to Valencia. However, we know that trying to ensure everything is transported safely and efficiently can be overwhelming. We recommend that you research and request quotes from various removal companies, and arrange the removal with your chosen professional well in advance. We are happy to recommend the most trusted removal companies as part of our service.

Cancel subscriptions and insurance policies

You likely have a few subscriptions or insurance policies that will no longer be applicable in Spain. For example, telephone, television and internet subscriptions. Ensure you check with different service and policy providers so that you know what you must cancel, and what is still applicable when you’re living in Spain.

Take meter readings and disconnect utilities

Take final meter readings and ensure that all appliances are switched off or disconnected before you leave. Although this seems like common sense, adding it to your checklist will ensure that you avoid a last-minute panic. You may also want to switch on the utilities in your new home before you arrive. We can arrange this on your behalf.


Your own moving abroad checklist may look a little different. Moving to Valencia certainly doesn’t call for a one-size-fits-all approach. If you want to access a personalised moving abroad checklist and receive help at every point, contact Relocation Services Valencia.

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