Why Move To Valencia?

Moving to Spain is a popular choice among Europeans and non-Europeans alike. International emigrants have long been flocking to Spain’s sunny shores, in particular to cities like Barcelona. But there is one cosmopolitan gem that people often overlook; a shame as life in Valencia is second to none.

Valencia has it all. From the historical feel of its beautiful old-town to the luxury modernism in The City of Arts and Sciences. Life in Valencia is wonderfully varied.

Experience the hustle and bustle of city life.

Spend your days in one of the more peaceful neighbourhoods.

Lay on a warm, sandy beach.

Valencia will let you pick and choose.

The Cost of Life in Valencia

When you plan to relocate to another country, your finances will always factor into the decision. You want to be sure you will get the absolute most for your money, wherever you are. Fortunately, the cost of living in Valencia is one of the reasons to call this beautiful city your new home.

Compared to other major cities in Spain, the cost of your new life in Valencia will be considerably low, as well as being much cheaper than most other cities in Europe. For example, property prices are roughly half of those in Madrid and Barcelona (according to Idealista), so the pay-off for living in Spain’s ‘third city’ is massive.

Numbeo estimates that monthly costs for a single person living in Valencia are around €588. Therefore, Valencia is 13.83% lower than Madrid in the cost of living index. For example:

  • Monthly pass for the metro: just €42.00
  • Regular-sized cappuccino: around €1.67
  • Beer (0.5-litre draught): only €2.00
  • Gym membership: around €15.00 per month

The Stunning Weather

It’s no secret that Spain has one of the most desirable climates in Europe, and Valencia proudly lives up to this reputation. Summer-time temperatures reach bearable highs of 31°C, and winter temperatures are often around 20°C. Overall, expect warm Mediterranean summers and comfortably mild winters.

If you’re looking for ‘hot but not too hot’, you’ll be happy to know Valencia achieves this sought-after medium for much of the year. Alternatively, Valencia has excellent transport links to the hotter South and cooler North of Spain. Time to book a staycation?

port saplaya

A Laid-Back Life In Valencia

Life in Valencia is considerably more relaxed than the other major cities in Spain. You can expect to notice a remarkable difference, especially if you’re moving from a city elsewhere in Europe. You’ll find a consistently laid-back atmosphere, from work to weekend.

In offices throughout Valencia, the working day typically starts at 10 am. Whilst you may work a little later into the evening as a result (often around 6-7 pm), the day usually includes a long, relaxed lunch on a nearby terrace. Despite this, be assured that a strong work ethic is valued and rewarded in Valencia: the residents simply know how to strike the right balance.

Weekends in Valencia will allow you to disconnect from your weekday responsibilities. A day at the beach, a hike in the mountains or brunch and a shopping spree will make you feel as if you’ve had a mini-break without even leaving the city. Whether you want to explore independently or attend an organised event, you’ll discover that life in Valencia is a perfect mix between ‘happening’ and ‘relaxed’.

The Delicious Food

If you have visited Spain in the past, you will know that Spanish food is delicious. With an array of tapas and the varied types of ‘arroces’, you certainly won’t be low on choice. What is more, fresh, locally-sourced ingredients are far more accessible than in many other European countries. You’ll find fresh fruit and vegetable shops on every corner and discover that your favourite restaurants usually cook with these local ingredients too.

Moreover, if you’re a fan of paella, you will be pleased to know that this famous dish originated in Valencia. As such, Spanish people widely acknowledge that Valencia is home to the best paella in the world. You can look forward to taking a stroll along the beach and visiting one of the many beachfront restaurants that offer the traditional, Valencian paella.

For special occasions, enjoy the best Valencia has to offer at one of the region’s Michelin Star Restaurants.

delicious paella

Cultural Life in Valencia

Valencia has transformed into a modern metropolitan destination without sacrificing its traditional, vibrant culture. Life in Valencia still includes the magnificent annual fiestas that date back to over a century, as well as the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful ceramics and world-famous cuisine. Valencia’s unique identity is apparent throughout the city.

Most of the fiestas in Valencia are exclusive to the city, which is one of the reasons that life in Valencia is so special. Valencians are also very welcoming and hospitable, so they will ensure that you feel part of the celebrations.

Moreover, expect to see beautiful ceramics throughout the city. Ceramic art originated in Valencia, and now Valencian ceramics are famous around the globe. You’ll have likely seen pictures of the colourful tiles that embellish Valencian buildings, inside and out. You can enjoy the beautiful art whilst tucking into a Valencian paella!

Fallas de Valencia

Perhaps the most exciting parts of Valencian culture are the fiestas, especially as many are exclusive to the city. The biggest (and most famous) is Las Fallas de Valencia, since 2016 on the UNESCO World Heritage list. This festival takes place in March each year and includes a variety of events, with the peak over five days and nights. Think of it as a week-long street party. The individual events take place on the same dates each year:

La Despertà – Every Morning

La Despertà is your morning wake-up call. A brass band marches the streets along with ‘fallers’ throwing firecrackers behind them.

La Mascletà – Every Afternoon

La Mascletà  is a spectacular, coordinated firework display that takes place daily at 2:00 pm.

Els Castells and La Nit del Foc – the 15th, 16th, 17th and 18th

These nighttime firework displays take place at the old riverbed in Valencia. Each night, the shows become grander, with the last night called La Nit del Foc.

La Plantà – the 15th

The Fallas Monuments are all completed and judged by the Central Fallera committee, who award prizes in different categories.

L’Ofrena de flors – the 17th and 18th

The casals fallers take flower offerings to the Virgin Mary throughout these days. Eventually, the statue of the Virgin Mary and its giant pedestal are covered in flowers.

La Cabalgata del Foc – the 19th 

A parade taking place along Colon street and Porta de la Mar Square at 7:00 pm. It is essentially the grand finale, featuring colourful exhibitions, street performances and music.

La Cremà – the 19th

La Cremà consists of massive bonfires, consisting of the burning of the Fallas monuments in different neighbourhoods. The burnings take place around midnight and mark the end of Fallas. At the same time, people congregate throughout the city streets and enjoy a vast, outdoor dance party. You can expect to find stalls selling various trinkets and food. Finally, the main Falla is burned last so that everyone can watch it. People wait excitedly near the City Hall, where the final burning takes place.

Should you plan to attend Fallas de Valencia, you can also expect to find many street stalls throughout the festival. The stalls sell everything from thematic trinkets to traditional Valencian paella and pastries. You can tuck into these delicious treats while watching people pass by in their traditional Fallas costumes; all whilst looking forward to dancing through the night!

las fallas images

The Best Staycations

This year, staycations have become a lot more popular. International travel has become less accessible with COVID-19, meaning that everyone is starting to look closer to home. Living in Valencia promises the best staycations. Whether you want a mini-break into the broader region, or plan to travel a few hours to the sunny south, you certainly won’t be disappointed. See below for some examples.


This stunning coastal village is one of the most charming destinations in the Valencia region. Pretty white houses line the streets of Altea’s old town, a short walk to the sea where you can discover the many coves, or admire the nearby mountains from the water.


An idyllic coastal town, Moraira is home to El Portet, which is considered the best beach on the Costa Blanca. This town is one to add to your list, whether for a mini-break or a day out.


Another delightful seaside village, Denia has a rich history as the capital of the ancient Taifa de Denia Kingdom. You can absorb the history, visit the stunning beaches and try the plentiful, fresh seafood.


A lovely inland town rising from the top of a hill, Morella offers spectacular views of the surrounding region. Situated above the other buildings is its 13th-century castle, which is worthy of a visit. You will truly feel as though you have travelled back in time when in Morella.

For a day trip closer to home, you can plan a hike in the beautiful Serra Calderona nature park. The Valencia region has some beautiful mountains, so you can exercise while enjoying nature’s beauty. You can visit Serra, Olocau, Chulilla or walk the Peña Cortada in Chelva.

We also recommend a beach day at one of the many fantastic beaches near Valencia city. You can visit the stunning El Saler beach, or drive a bit further south to the popular Cullera or Gandia beaches. Also ensure that you add El Palmar to your beach day list: the town where paella originated.

You won’t be disappointed. Whether you wish to take a mini-break in one of the towns we mentioned or plan to travel somewhere else in Spain, we’re sure you will have a fantastic time.

The Aesthetics

For us, there is no doubt that Valencia is among the most beautiful cities in the world. Whatever your aesthetic tastes, Valencia has something for you. You can admire the beautifully designed townhouses, appreciate lush greenery at your local park, or enjoy the clear blue waters at the beach.

Additionally, you can relish in the traditional architecture of Valencia’s historic old town, and then find yourself transported into the futuristic City of Arts and Sciences, in just a 30-minute walk.

beautiful valencia

Begin Your New Life in Valencia

Whatever your reason for wanting to move to Valencia, we are confident that you won’t regret the decision. Of course, moving to Valencia is not without its challenges, but we can assure you that the pay-off is massive. 

If you would like personalised help throughout the entire process, contact Relocation Services Valencia today. We promise to simplify the moving process, so you can begin enjoying your new life as soon as possible.

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