Valencia Quality of Life

valencia quality of life

Numerous sources rate Valencia quality of life very highly. Recently, InterNations listed Valencia as number one in their esteemed Quality of Urban Living Index. Similarly, other well-regarded sources rate Valencia highly in their quality of life analyses. For example, Numbeo places Valencia very highly on their Quality of Life Index, with an overall score of very high.

Of course, the Spanish lifestyle, in general, may play a hand in these high ratings. Nevertheless, even when compared to Spain’s other major cities, Valencia often comes out on top. For example, Valencia is notably higher on Numbeo’s index with a score of 169.87, compared to Madrid’s score of 146.97 and Barcelona’s score of 134.05. Numbeo bases these results on various categories like safety, healthcare, climate, transportation and cost of living.

Breakdown of Valencia's Quality of Life Score

Numbeo calculates a city’s quality of life score using numerous categories.

For the following categories, a higher score equates to a higher quality of life: climate, health care, safety and purchasing power.

Climate Score
93.84: Very High
Health Care Score
81.15: Very High
Safety Score
74.45: High
Purchasing Power Score
68.82: Moderate

Conversely, for the following categories, a lower score equates to a higher quality of life: cost of living, traffic commute time, property price to income ratio and pollution.

Cost of Living Score
56.32: Low
Pollution Score
45.88: Moderate
Traffic Commute Time Score
29.60: Low
Property Price to Income Ratio Score
7.60: Moderate

For more information about what these scores mean, how they’re arrived at and how they compare to other cities, check out Numbeo’s Quality of Life Index.

Moreover, if you’re looking for an overview of some of these key categories, read on.


valencia climate

Unsurprisingly, Valencia’s climate scores highly on numerous quality of life indexes. Spain has one of the most enviable climates in Europe, and Valencia is no exception. As the below excerpt depicts, Valencia achieves the widely sought-after “hot but not too hot” for much of the year.

Health Care

Valencia is also rated very highly for health care, which is a crucial consideration when moving anywhere. For example, in an InterNation’s survey, 91% of expats regarded  healthcare availability in Valencia favourably – compared with 74% globally.

Moreover, Numbeo rates Valencia’s health care very highly when considering numerous factors. These factors include skill and competency of medical staffspeed in completing examination and reportsequipment for modern diagnosis and treatment, friendliness of staff, and location convenience.

Find more about these stats here.


Valencia is also a very safe city, especially compared to other major cities in Spain and worldwide. InterNations’ survey showed that 97% of expats are happy with their personal safety in Valencia, compared to 82% globally.

Numbeo’s high safety score takes numerous things into account, such as crime rates and how safe people generally feel, day and night. Their stats show that the general level of crime is notably low, and people feel very safe in Valencia throughout the day and night.

Find out more about these stats here.

Traffic & Commuting

Valencia also has a favourably low rating when it comes to traffic commute times. For example, Numbeo estimates that the average commute time for someone living and working in the city is 25.17 minutes. This is based on the assumption that the person works 19.58km from their home. However, many can find excellent value properties closer to their workplace, cutting this time substantially.

This rating can largely be attributed to Valencia’s traffic generally moving quite quickly, with no significant delays to report in a typical week.

Pollution & The Environment

valencia environment

Whilst Numbeo gives Valencia a pollution score of only moderately low, it rates the city very well compared to others. For example, Barcelona has a high pollution score, and Madrid’s pollution score is also considerably higher than Valencia’s.

What is more, Valencia is the world’s first city to measure tourism’s carbon footprint and is aiming to become a carbon-neutral destination by 2025. Valencia is paving the way for a more sustainable future and setting a precedent for cities across the world.

Find out more about the move Valencia is making towards a green future in this Lonely Planet Article.

Moving to Valencia

The scores included in this blog are, of course, approximations. However, from personal experience, we believe that these analyses display an accurate picture of the quality of life that you can expect in Valencia.

At Relocation Services Valencia, we are here to help you develop an idea of the lifestyle you can obtain when moving to Valencia. For example, we can consider your monthly budget, and create a more accurate picture of your purchasing power and living costs.

If you’re ready to get started on achieving a fantastic quality of life in this beautiful city, contact us today!

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