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It’s certainly no secret that Valencia is a fantastic destination for expats. The beautiful Spanish city topped the list in the InterNations Expat City Ranking, solidifying its status as the world’s best city for expats. Moreover, InterNations is not alone in this conclusion. Numerous other sources like Bloomberg and Lonely Planet confirm that there is nowhere better than Valencia for expats.

There is no shortage of reasons to call this stunning city your home, from the low living costs to the fantastic quality of life. We have written many blogs detailing these factors further:

Quality of Life in Valencia

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Why Move to Valencia?

Read on for an overview of Valencia for expats.

valencia for expats

Living the Valencian Lifestyle

Like many major cities, Valencia has a rich cosmopolitan society. As such, it is an extremely welcoming city for expats, where you can meet others from all walks of life. Nevertheless, Valencia offers this whilst retaining its unique cultural identity and still boasts the traditional Valencian lifestyle. Essentially, this entails a more relaxed way of life than the other major cities in Spain and around the world. The work-life balance is exceptional, and the opportunities to explore the vibrant culture during your down-time are plentiful.

"Life in Valencia still includes the magnificent annual fiestas that date back to over a century, as well as the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful ceramics and world-famous cuisine. Valencia’s unique identity is apparent throughout the city."

Working in Valencia

There is an increasing number of employment opportunities for expats in Valencia, across numerous industries. Of course, if you are proficient in Spanish, you can access more of these opportunities. However, there is an ever-growing number of international companies based in Valencia and the possibility of starting a business or working as an autónomo. Furthermore, the increasing popularity of remote work means that expats can enjoy Valencia’s fabulous lifestyle and low living cost, whilst earning higher salaries from remote jobs in other countries.

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Making Friends in Valencia

As Valencia is extremely popular among expats, there are plenty of ways to meet people in the same position as yourself. You can meet people in a completely organic way, such as at the gym, sports centre, bar and at events. There are also many Valencia expat groups on platforms like Facebook and MeetUp, where you can arrange to meet with like-minded people, perhaps over a coffee, a drink or even a yoga class! 

Furthermore, we recommend making an effort to expand your circle and spend time with native Valencians and other Spaniards. There are many ways to do this; for example, the aforementioned expat groups will often advertise language exchanges. These involve (for example) meeting with a Spanish person to practice your Spanish for a portion of the exchange and then help them practice their English for the other part. Moreover, taking the time to improve your Spanish will open doors to interacting with many amazing people who could significantly impact your life!

Finding Your Dream Home in Valencia

When moving to Valencia, finding a property where you can truly feel at home is essential. Thankfully, there are fantastic options to suit all budgets, throughout Valencia city and in the wider province. If you’re not sure what areas best suit your needs, make sure to check out the following:

Best Places to Live in Valencia City

Best Areas to Live in Valencia Province

Once you have an idea of the area that best suits your needs, and know what type of property you would like, you can browse the fantastic selection available via Dream Properties Valencia. This agency can offer you the full selection of properties in the city and broader region by partnering with other agencies to show you everything on the market! Rest assured, when buying a property in Valencia, you will not have to look anywhere else.

Moving to Valencia

moving to valencia

We’re confident that we can offer a smooth and enjoyable process when moving to Valencia for expats. Whether you’re coming from another EU country, are coming from the UK and are concerned about Brexit, or perhaps coming from another international location, at Relocation Services Valencia, we are here to help.

If you’re determined to make your dreams come true in 2021, contact us today! We also recommend that you check out:

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