The Best Way to Get Around Valencia

When moving to Valencia, you can feel at ease about navigating the city. Valencia has excellent transportation to get you from A to B, throughout the city and beyond. You have a choice between an extensive metro, reliable bus services, cycling along the many cycle lanes and driving. Moreover, you can discover your new home on foot, as Valencia is mostly flat and simple to navigate.

Each of these ways has its merits, which we’ll detail below. However, if you read on, you’ll discover the one we consider the very best.

best way to get around valencia

Driving Around Valencia

While driving around Valencia may not be the best option for tourists, residents can drive in Valencia with relative ease. 

The main issue for tourists is a lack of parking options, but residents often have access to private garages with their apartments. Plus, you will soon learn the secrets of driving in Valencia with ease; from the best parking places to the fastest routes.

Furthermore, traffic in Valencia doesn’t prove a major concern when driving. Generally, it tends to move very fast compared to other major cities. Of course, you can expect some traffic and minor delays during rush hours, but you won’t have to worry about being stuck in regular traffic jams for long-lengths of time.

Walking or Cycling

If you fancy keeping your fitness up, navigating Valencia on foot or by bike is a fantastic option. Moreover, with the mostly flat terrain and beautiful weather, you’ll likely find yourself wanting to travel one of these ways whenever you can.

Valencia is a famously walkable city, especially if you live fairly central. For example, everything you need (from shops and restaurants to co-working spaces) is within a 20-minute radius (walking) of Plaza del Ayuntamiento at the heart of Valencia city.

Cyclists will be pleased to know that Valencia is also extremely bicycle-friendly. The extensive network of cycle lanes makes for a safe and easy cycle experience. Moreover, there are many cycling options in Valencia, from short-term rental services like Valenbisi to long-term rentals for the day. However, if you plan to cycle a lot in Valencia, we recommend investing in a bike of your own.

Bus Services

The network of local buses connects the city of Valencia exceptionally well. In fact, there are over fifty lines that run throughout the city day and night, meeting your transport needs efficiently and cost-effectively.

As well as this, there are plenty of bus options for travelling to the wider region and beyond. Why not catch a bus to one of the beautiful nearby towns for an idyllic day out?

EMT Valencia

The Best Way: The Metro

Image by Peter on Flickr

In our opinion, the metro is the best option. Don’t get us wrong, we’re big advocates of walking and cycling, but sometimes you need a quicker option – especially if you don’t live near the centre.

The metro wins the race for us because it is arguably the most reliable transport service in Valencia. That is, you can almost always rely on the service to operate as promised when you need to be somewhere. Furthermore, it’s swift and inexpensive when compared to underground travel in other cities.

Also, some overground trams are included in the metro service, giving you the option to use the metro to travel further afield!


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