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When moving to Valencia, learning Spanish will likely be among your top priorities. Of course, the best way to learn is to immerse yourself in the culture and get real-life experience. However, many find that taking a few Spanish classes, or a longer course, offers a fantastic confidence boost, and helps you perfect some of the more technical aspects. Moreover, some jobs will require you have a proven level of Spanish. In this case, most require certification such as DELE, which is the only internationally recognised Spanish language diploma. Therefore, a course geared towards this specific certification may be necessary.

Fortunately, many Spanish classes are offered Valencia, which cater to all abilitiesscheduleslearning styles and requirements. In this blog, we will detail a few of our personal favourites and provide some additional tips for learning Spanish!


spanish classes in valencia

Certified Courses

If you’re seeking certification for employment or educational purposes, the DELE certification is undoubtedly the best option. Most employers that require a certain level of Spanish will ask for this as evidence. The cost of sitting a DELE exam ranges from €108 to €220, depending on the level. These exams are scheduled throughout the year and are offered at the Don Quijote language school in Valencia.

To prepare for these exams, Don Quijote also offers courses specifically for DELE preparation. Whilst not compulsory, we recommend that you enrol in one of their courses, or a course offered by another accredited Fedele exam centre for DELE exams, such as the AIP Language Institute. As you might expect, there are other schools that will claim to prepare you for such exams, but these will not meet the standards of designated Fedele exam centres. It is simply not worth the risk when potential employment is hanging in the balance!

However, if you don’t require certification but would like to improve your proficiency, less intensive classes may be worth considering.

Group Classes

group spanish classes in valencia

Many enjoy learning in a group environment for numerous reasons. For example, many learn best by conversing with others, and the opportunity to speak with people on a similar level may prove beneficial. Moreover, some cite Spanish classes as an excellent way to meet fellow expats in a similar position to yourself.

Many different language schools throughout Valencia offer group classes. Our personal favourites are as follows:

Euroace, SL
  • General Spanish courses
  • 2-10 classes per week
  • Prices starting at €36
El Carmen Spanish School
  • General Spanish courses
  • 2-10 classes per week
  • Prices starting at €36
Hispania Escuela de Español
  • General Spanish courses
  • 2-10 classes per week
  • Prices starting at €156
Aprende y Más
  • General Spanish courses
  • 2-3 classes per week
  • Prices starting at €70
Route 66 Idiomas
  • Long-term course
  • 2 classes per week
  • 30.00 per week/750.00 per year

Personal Tutoring

If you prefer your tutor to focus solely on you for the lesson’s entirety, then one-to-one tutoring is the best option. All of the aforementioned schools under ‘Group Classes’ also offer one-to-one tutoring, ranging from €28 to €98 for one hour. Furthermore, there are an array of Spanish tutors offering one-to-one lessons throughout Valencia.

We recommend using the platform Preply to find a tutor that best suits your needs. You can filter your search results based on location, price, availability and whether the tutor is a native Spanish speaker! What is more, the tutors using this platform are obligated to offer a free trial lesson, so you can see if they’re a good match for you.

Additional Advice

learn spanish apps

When it comes to learning Spanish, the best way is to throw yourself into the Valencian lifestyle and get chatting as soon and as much as possible! However, the aforementioned courses, classes and sessions are a great supplement to this method and are sometimes necessary for the more technical aspects of language.

However, formal classes aren’t the only way to hone your language skills, especially in the digital age. Therefore, we have compiled a list of some additional resources below, all of which we have found very useful.

Language Learning Apps

You have no doubt heard of the popular Language Learning Apps like Duolingo, Babbel and Memrise. The enjoyable and interactive lessons offered on these apps are designed to be both easy to digest and retain. Many people have successfully improved their grammar, built their vocabulary and even moved further towards fluency through using these apps.

YouTube Videos

YouTube is another great platform for learning languages. With a plethora of free content from creators of all abilities and backgrounds, a simple search of “learn Spanish” or “Spanish course” will lead to many popular and highly-rated options in the first results page.

Reading Books

Reading Spanish books is another great way to build your vocabulary and improve your overall proficiency. Of course, you will want to find something close to your level. You can do this by searching for Spanish Graded Readers, as you can find options suited to even the most basic levels. It is considered best practice to try to read and comprehend each section even if there are some words that you don’t know. Then, in the case of words that you recognise or see repeatedly, but still don’t quite understand, research the word or phrase in question and note it.

Watching Netflix

A quick google search of Spanish shows available on Netflix offers numerous options. Among our favourites are Las chicas del cable and La casa de papel. Of course, you can watch the show with English subtitles and hope to absorb some words, but this technique isn’t overly effective, as people tend to focus solely on the English words and take in very little Spanish. Instead, we recommend waiting until your level has improved slightly, and watching the show in Spanish with Spanish subtitles. This will allow you to pick up a lot more of the conversation than if you were only to listen, and you won’t be distracted by your native language.

Furthermore, whilst your proficiency is elementary, you could try watching some Spanish kids shows! This is perfect if you have children anyway, and even if not, you may end up enjoying yourself!

Language Exchanges 

Arguably our favourite technique is to attend language exchanges. In a way, this is similar to immersing yourself in Spanish life and striking up conversations! The difference is, the meeting is based entirely around exchanging languages. You spend a portion of the time practising Spanish with the native Spanish person, and vice-versa for the remaining amount.

Moreover, many find language exchanges an enjoyable social experience, in which a lot of people make great friends. We recommend checking Valencia expat groups on apps like Facebook and MeetUp, where people often advertise these exchanges.

Moving to Valencia

With the above language learning techniques in your arsenal, what better time to move to Valencia? Although admittedly nerve-racking, the wonderful pay-off of living your dream life in Valencia is second-to-none. What is more, at Relocation Services Valencia, we are here to help you at every step of the moving process, to eliminate any stress.

If you’re ready to take the first steps, contact us today! Our service extends beyond the initial move, with extensive living support designed to help you integrate into Valencian culture – including offering advice on learning the language, as per your individual needs.

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