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Whether you´re planning on moving to Valencia or you´ve relocated to the city—public holidays in Valencia are a great excuse to enjoy the local area.

In this blog, we´ll be looking at the upcoming 2021 public holidays in Valencia and how to make the most of them. You´ll find that nationally celebrated public holidays in Spain are also known as ‘Red days’ (as they´re marked red on the calendar). To help you start making plans for your own calendar, here´s what to expect…

Valencian Community Day (Saturday, October 9th)

All the provinces of Valencia celebrate ‘Día de la Comunidad Valenciana’ with many festivities, starting with a fireworks display on October 8th at midnight. It may be a late night for some, but it´s well worth checking out to get a taste of the atmosphere.

October 9th is not only ‘Region of Valencia Day’, but it´s also the ‘Feast of San Dionisio’. Traditionally on this day, men present their sweethearts with tasty marzipan treats wrapped in a silk scarf! This tradition is known as ‘Mocaorà’.

‘Region of Valencia day’ isn´t a national holiday for all of Spain, it´s specifically for the community of Valencia including the proviences of Valencia, Alicante and Castellon. So, if you´re thinking of taking a weekend away you´ll see its business as usual in other parts of Spain.

Generally, October 9th is a day off for communities across Valencia´s provinces. So you´ll find most businesses and schools closed. Although, you may be lucky to find some bakeries and food shops still open.

Public transport services run throughout most public holidays in Valencia but they may have a reduced schedule. However, you may find with ‘Region of Valencia Day’ that parades cause some traffic disruptions.

National Day of Spain (Tuesday, October 12th)

‘National Day of Spain’ marks the date that Christopher Columbus “discovered” the Americas in 1492. Known as ‘Día de la Fiesta Nacional’ in Spanish, communities have celebrated this day since 1987.

Celebrations are quieter in Valencia but if you feel like visiting Madrid, you´ll see a large military march along the city´s main avenue. These celebrations feature members of the navy, the Guardia Civil, and the Spanish Air Force. This day also has some controversy as political protests are often held at the same time.

October 12th falls on a Tuesday in 2021, so some businesses may take off Monday to extend the long weekend!

All Saints' Day (Monday, November 1st)

For ‘All Saints’ Day’, people take part in solemn ceremonies and masses throughout the day at graveyards. Known as ‘Día de Todos los Santos’ in Spanish,  families across Spain visit graves of the deceased and place decorations to pay their respects. Some people even take the time to clean up graves days before ‘All Saints’ Day’. 

Typically people from Spain return from larger cities and head to their home towns. This means you´ll likely experience more traffic at this time.

Shops throughout Spain will be full of flower bouquets and you´ll see the streets lined with vendors selling flowers. Vendors actually sell more flowers on ‘All Saints’ Day’ than any other day of the year! 

It´s worth embracing this public holiday and visiting some grave sites to see many intricate floral arrangements.

Constitution Day (Monday, December 6th)

People across Spain acknowledge ‘Día de la Constituciónía’ on December 6th to acknowledge the approval of the Spanish Constitution in 1978. For many people, this day also marks the start of the holiday season in December.

You´ll also find that December 7th is a day off too, giving everyone a super long weekend to look forward to. This means many stores may be closed or some shops that are typically shut on Sundays may be eager to open up their doors. Many people will want to start buying Christmas gifts, so shops are ready to help them. December public holidays in Valencia are also a great time to explore the city and enjoy the decorations.

Immaculate Conception Day (Wednesday, December 8th)

‘Dia de la inmaculada concepcion’ is a religious Spanish holiday, also called ‘Feast of the Immaculate Conception’. People not only celebrate this holiday in Spain but also across the world throughout other Catholic countries.  On this day, Catholics acknowledge the miraculous conception of Jesus´ mother, the Virgin Mary.

On December 8th, you´ll find special masses being held and even parades in the streets depending on which city you´re in. In Valencia, you can expect a slightly quieter affair when compared with celebrations in Seville. It´s worth visiting Seville at this time to see the streets filled with music and dancing plus images of the Virgin Mary are on display.

Across Spain, Immaculate Conception Day is a time for families so you´ll typically find people spending the day with their loved ones or going for walks around the city. Because Immaculate Conception Day takes place in early December,  for many people it´s the perfect way to get the holiday season started. It´s also one of the last public holidays in Valencia before Christmas.

Christmas Day (Saturday, December 25th)

We´re pretty sure most people know all about Christmas day. But if you recently moved to Valencia or you´re planning on moving to Valencia, here´s a little of what you can expect on ‘Día de Navidad’

Typically, on Christmas Eve in Valencia,  families traditionally get together for dinner. People often make meals including lamb, seafood, and special stews for Christmas. For sweets, the Spanish share shortbread biscuits called “polvorones”, along with marzipan and traditional Spanish nougat treats. Cava or sparkling cider is usually the drink of choice to go with Christmas meals.

Midnight Mass (“Misa del Gallo”) is a tradition that takes place across churches throughout the city. This time marks the start of the day when the birth of Jesus Christ was announced to the world by a cockerel crowing at daybreak. Midnight Mass at Valencia´s cathedral is extra special as it features a choir with traditional carols and Christmas songs.

Christmas in Valencia also boasts many festive markets, stunning decorations, and a variety of celebration events. For more on what to expect at Christmas in Valencia, check out our blog.

Thinking about moving to Valencia?

If you´ve recently relocated to Valencia or you´re thinking of moving, you can keep checking our blog for inspiration on things to do in Valencia. You can check out upcoming public holidays in Valencia for 2022 here. If you´re looking for expert advice to help you get settled in your new surroundings, we offer a range of services. From helping you find accommodation to taking you around the city, learn more about how we can help you. If you have any questions about moving to Valencia, feel free to get in touch.

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