Orientation trip to Valencia

orientation trip to valencia

Why we recommend an orientation trip to Valencia

When relocating to Valencia there are plenty of things to arrange, prepare and figure out. But also to learn about this amazing and beautiful city and province. There is a lot of information you can find online. Photos, stories and videos obviously give you a good first impression of your new city and lifestyle. But could you be completely sure of moving to Valencia if you haven’t visited the city and/or region yourself yet? There is only one good answer that we can give you: the answer is no.

We, as relocation specialists, will never advice you to move to Valencia, or any other location or country without experiencing a location first. While preparing to move to Valencia one of the first steps is to plan an orientation trip (please read our blog  Preparing to move to Valencia page).

Take your time to explore

Get to know your new city and your new province with your own eyes. Feel, live and experience the different locations and indulge yourself with the local lifestyle. Maybe  you will come to the conclusion that you in the end do not see yourself live and work in this city or region (we really cannot believe that ;-).  On the other hand..maybe you will find indeed your dream location, one you never thought of living before! 

No idea where to begin or what you exactly looking for? Do you have no clue of the best locations? There are plenty of best locations to be honest… both in Valencia city as in the region. Don’t worry; Relocation Services Valencia is happy to assist you. We are at your side to start planning your orientation trip Valencia today!

Best locations to live in Valencia and surroundings

Probably by now you already figured out that Valencia city is among the best places to live in Spain and maybe even among the best places to live for expats worldwide. We as experience specialists couldn’t agree more.

Valencia is the third biggest city of Spain but as soon as you visit the city yourself you will quickly realize that the city does not feel that big at all. In the centre you can easily move by foot or bike. Do you need to go more inland or do you want to visit or to live by the beach? No problem, you will be enjoying the Valencian playas within no time by bicycle or public transport.

First selection based on requirements and budget

The locations to focus on during your orientation trip in Valencia have of course a lot to do with your budget and requirements. We can discuss this personally by telephone or at our office before you start checking out the different areas.

When you prefer to focus on Valencia city, you will have a choice between nineteen districts and the neighbourhoods within them. This might be overwhelming but we are here to advice you.

To help you to make the first selection you can read more about the most popular areas in both Valencia city as in the suburbs of Valencia:

Best places to live in Valencia city

Best places to live in Valencia Suburbs

Our colleagues from Dream Properties Valencia can help you finding the right property, based on the popular areas of Valencia city and surroundings: this is
their daily job. They can help you and give you an idea what kind of properties meets your requirements and budget. Here you will find a sneak peak of their favorite neighbourhoods in Valencia city and some nice suggestions.

best places to live in Valencia suburbs

Orientation trip Valencia

We hope you are now convinced that an orientation trip is key, especially if you are not yet familiar with the city or region and don’t know where exactly you would like to live. We are happy to assist you on your way to experience this beautiful city and region.

During this orientation trip, you can explore the location yourself with our knowledge and expertise that we provide. We have been there ourselves and know what you go through. Besides that: we still enjoy beautiful Valencia on a daily basis. This way and with our own experience, you will quickly learn a lot about the city and various regions, and will likely decide where exactly you would like to live, where you will feel most at home.  We do understand that from 266 municipalities it will be quite a lot of work to make a good selection yourself.

All additional information

We furthermore will provide you with the best information about public transport, healthcare, shops and the very best restaurants in the area. We, if this fits your situation, can also introduce you at the best schools in both Valencia city and the region. Nothing as important as finding a good school for your children. Finding a property in the area afterwards will be a piece of cake. We are happy to arrange this during your orientation trip.

Tailor-made orientation trips

The orientation trip will start with an introduction at our office, where we will we get to know each other and provide you with a personalised welcome package and, of course, explain everything you need to know about beautiful Valencia.

We will go out to explore the city and possibly see one or two suitable homes, discussing do´s and dont´s  etc., etc..

The orientation trip is tailor-made and will be organised in the way you like this the most. 

Contact us today and we can start planning and send you a good offer that fits your requirements.

We hope to see you soon during your orientation trip in Valencia. We are convinced that you will fall in love with Valencia as much as we did and still do everyday!

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