How Safe is Valencia?

A city’s safety often factors into the overall quality of life, and numerous Quality of Life Indexes rate Valencia very highly. Moreover, the indexes that we cite in this blog all consider safety an important factor.

"Valencia quality of life is rated very highly by numerous sources. Recently, InterNations listed Valencia as number one in their esteemed Quality of Urban Living Index. Similarly, other well-regarded sources rate Valencia highly in their quality of life analyses. For example, Numbeo places Valencia very highly on their Quality of Life Index, with an overall score of very high."

The Quality of Life blog above focuses on InterNations and Numbeo, which emphasise safety when considering the overall quality of life.  In particular, Numbeo lists safety as one of the key metrics, and as such, the safety rating helps generate the overall score. Moreover, the safety metric itself scores high on Numbeo, with a rating of over 70, which is impressive for a major city. Moreover, a recent InterNations survey showed that 97% of expats are happy with their safety in Valencia, compared to 82% globally.

So, the short answer to How Safe is Valencia? Very.

how safe is valencia

Numbeo's Safety Metrics Explained

Numbeo considers many different metrics when generating an overall safety score for Valencia, and splits these metrics into two categories: crime rates and general safety. The metrics range from the level of crime to safety when walking alone.

You’ll be pleased to know that none of these metrics raise any red flags!

Crime Rates in Valencia

The metrics which fall under the crime rate category range from general crime levels to concerns about drug dealing. Luckily, the vast majority of these metrics score low to very low, and none score high or above. For example, the overall level of crime is scored very low. Furthermore, specific instances such as concerns about drug dealing and robberies also score low.

General Safety in Valencia

Whilst the crime rate category covers most aspects of safety, the general safety category helps to give a complete picture. This category considers feelings of safety when walking alone day and night, which score very high and high, respectively. Figures in the InterNations survey support these findings, as 97% of expats are happy with their safety in Valencia.

Overall Score

Numbeo calculates that Valencia’s overall safety score is high at 74.34. As Numbeo is not the only source to arrive at such conclusions, we’re confident in these findings’ accuracy. In comparison, Spain’s other major cities, Madrid and Barcelona, have lower safety scores at 70.63 and 54.49 respectively. This indicates a considerable difference even when comparing Valencia to other cities in Spain.

Our Input

As international expats ourselves, we wholly agree with the findings that Numbeo and InterNations present. What is more, not only do we have our own experience to reference, but also the experience of our international clients.

As part of the Dream Properties Group, we have helped many international clients move to Valencia, and always maintain an open line of communication following the completion of our services. Largely, the feedback from our clients is that they have never felt safer than in Valencia.

Moving to Valencia

Hopefully, we have put your mind at ease when considering Valencia as a safe place to live. Of course, there are always risks no matter where you are, but you can mitigate this risk with the help of someone who knows your destination well. At Relocation Services Valencia, we are here to guide you through every part of moving to and living in Valencia, including advice on safety measures! 

If you’re thinking about moving, contact us! Our bespoke services include extensive living support designed to help you feel safe and at home in Valencia.

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