Best Places to Live in Valencia City

Valencia is among the best places to live in Spain, but what are the best places to live in Valencia? Deciding where exactly to live may appear overwhelming initially. You first need to choose between the city itself and the broader province.

In the case of selecting the city, you have a choice between nineteen districts and the neighbourhoods within them. Luckily, we are experts in all things Valencia: read on to find our carefully curated selection.

best places to live in Valencia

Our Top Five Districts

For most, the choice between living in the city and the wider province is an obvious one. Valencia is a city of apartments, so those seeking a spacious villa with a private pool prefer the broader province. But for those who want an apartment, Valencia city is perfect.

We have selected the very best residential districts for you to consider, as well as offering further information about our favourite neighbourhoods. Whether you’re looking for upmarket or affordable, busy or peaceful, central or outer, we have something listed for you.

L’Eixample District

Valenica bullring

The upmarket Eixample district is a favourite among urbanite expats. The long streets consist of an array of designer boutiques, chic cafés and department stores. As such, it is the most important commercial area in Valencia city. Moreover, a short walk to Colón Market gives you the option of a variety of gourmet restaurants and trendy cocktail bars, as well as the chance to enjoy this stunning example of Valencian Art Noveau.

The district consists of three neighbourhoods: Ruzafa, Gran Via and Pla del Remei. All of which are some of the best places to live in Valencia. As such, we describe each three in more detail below.


Dubbed ‘the Soho of Valencia’, Ruzafa is one of the trendiest neighbourhoods in the city. This district has the quirkiest boutiques and lively bars, alongside a fantastic selection of restaurants and coffee shops. Moreover, it has excellent transport links to the wider city and beyond. We recommend Ruzafa for young professionals looking for a young, lively place to live.

Gran Via

Gran Via is one of the more affluent neighbourhoods in Valencia. It is often referred to as Canovas, after the circular plaza that marks the neighbourhood’s entrance. Here you will find upscale boutiques, sophisticated bars and many high-end restaurants. Residents often wake up bright and early for a run or yoga session in the nearby Turia park, followed by breakfast at one of the many urbane cafés. The neighbourhood also boasts a lively but mature nightlife scene. We suggest Gran Via for those willing to spend a little more to experience a sophisticated, affluent lifestyle.

Pla del Remei

The bustling neighbourhood of Pla del Remei is the shopping hub of Valencia. Here you will find the city’s main shopping street, Calle de Colón, offering numerous high-street shops and department stores. The neighbourhood also includes high-end boutiques and furniture stores, located on Calle de Cirilo Amorós. This is the perfect neighbourhoods for the shopaholics, and those seeking a busy yet beautiful area: the stunning architecture will not disappoint. 

El Pla del Real District

Alameda Bridge

The large Pla del Real District is another favourite among Valencians and expats alike. This district contains some of the most historically important buildings in the city, including the Palacio de la Exposición and the famous Mestalla stadium. Moreover, you will also find the beautiful Alameda de Valencia, a public garden and promenade that runs through the district, throughout various neighbourhoods.

For those seeking amenities like spas and sports centres, you will find Balneario & Spa La Alameda and the Piscina de Valencia within the district. The latter of which is one of the most popular sports centres in Valencia, with an Olympic-sized swimming pool.

El Pla del Real District has four neighbourhoods: Exposició, Mestalla, Jaume Roig and Ciutat Universitària. The latter is a popular neighbourhood for international students. However, our favourite residential neighbourhoods in this district are Mestalla and Exposició, which we detail further below.


At the heart of this neighbourhood is  L’Estadi de Mestalla: the stadium of Valencia’s Football Club. Despite this, Mestalla is still one of the quieter and more affordable neighbourhoods in the city. Moreover, it is very family-friendly and reasonably close to both the city centre and the beach. Overall, we consider Mestalla an excellent choice for families or those simply looking for somewhere a bit quieter.


The bright and welcoming neighbourhood of Exposició is arguably the most beautiful neighbourhood of El Pla del Real, as well as one of the greenest places in the city. As such, this neighbourhood is a popular choice for lovers of the outdoors. The Alameda promenade is also in this neighbourhood. Here you can meet friends on one of the many terraces, whilst enjoying the sight and the impressive trees lining the promenade on either side. 

Quatre Carreres District

City of Arts and Sciences Valencia

The residential Quatre Carreres is one of the largest districts in Valencia, comprising seven distinct neighbourhoods: Monteolivete, En Corts, Malilla, Fuente San Luis, Na Rovella, La Punta and Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias. Throughout these neighbourhoods, you will find some of the best properties in Valencia city, such as new-build properties located in closed residential complexes with swimming pools and other sought after amenities. The district is also home to the famous City of Arts and Sciences and the El Saler shopping centre.

Each neighbourhood is a great place in which to live.  However, we especially recommend Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias and Monteolivete, both of which we detail below.

Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias

In this neighbourhood, you will find the famous City of Arts and Sciences complex, which includes an IMAX cinema, performing arts centre, science museum and aquarium. Residents never tire of having this iconic complex on their doorstep, not only because of the proximity to the latest performances and events but also because of the daily dose of stunning modern architecture. 


If you liked the sound of the affluent Eixample district, but the costs deterred you, then Monteolivete may be a perfect choice. This neighbourhood borders L’Eixample, allowing you to experience the upmarket lifestyle at a lower price. This increasingly popular neighbourhood offers lovely but affordable properties, perfect for those who want to experience an excellent quality of life on a budget.

Campanar District

Campanar streets

For those seeking peace and tranquillity, the Campanar District is ideal. This colourful district contains low-rise buildings with beautifully tiled roofs, lining the streets leading to Plaza de la Iglesia, the district’s church square. As well as this, the district is also home to the famous Bioparc. This is Valencia’s zoo based on the concept of Zooimersion, where visitors are immersed in the animal’s habitat rather than vice-versa. 

The district has four neighbourhoods: Les Tendetes, El Calvari, Sant Pau and Campanar: the district’s eponymous neighbourhood is its epicentre, where you will find the Bioparc, a varied selection of restaurants and excellent transport links. As such, we will detail this neighbourhood further.

Campanar Neighbourhood

The district’s namesake is our favourite neighbourhood within it. Here you will find the Bioparc, which is a fantastic place to have on your doorstep. For those who usually avoid zoos, the concept of Zooimersion will be a welcome change: the immersion in the animal’s habitat is achieved by using rivers, rocks, ponds and streams to separate animals and visitors, as opposed to metal railings. Moreover, the various eco-systems have been very carefully reproduced. 

As well as this, despite being in one of the city’s quieter districts, the Campanar neighbourhood offers an extensive selection of restaurants, cafes and tavernas, as well as a thriving music scene. Moreover, don’t be deterred by being outside the city centre, as you will also find the large Nuevo Centro shopping centre and a gigantic Carrefour supermarket.

Benicalap District

Located north of Valencia’s historical centre, the Benicalap District is a brilliant choice for those seeking a more traditional and regional feel. With a selection of local bakeries, butchers and tailors, this district has a somewhat historic feel. On the other hand, should you desire, you can also find more modern residential complexes throughout the district.

The Benicalap District has two neighbourhoods: Benicalap and Ciutat Fallera, which are both suitable choices for those looking for a traditional Valencian feel. As such, we detail both below.

Benicalap Neighbourhood

The Benicalap neighbourhood is a great residential area for families, especially those seeking an array of outdoor activities. This neighbourhood is home to Parque de Benicalap, which is another one of the biggest green spaces in Valencia. Here you will find a children’s play area, sports fields, an outdoor swimming pool, an active water zone and a children’s water park. As well as this, adults can spend their time in the relaxation zone, which has some beautiful ornamental fountains.

Moreover, residents also enjoy riding their bikes along the cycle path, which runs through the neighbourhood’s pretty avenues. Overall, Benicalap neighbourhood is a fantastic choice for those looking to stay active, keep their children entertained and to make the most of Valencia’s sunny weather.

Ciutat Fallera

The smaller neighbourhood of Ciutat Fallera is where the Falleras statues are created. These are paper-mâché figures of notable personalities like politicians and celebrities. They are paraded through the streets during the annual Fallas festivities. As such, in Ciutat Fallera, you will find a museum dedicated to this art. Overall, Ciutat Fallera is an ideal neighbourhood for expats who are looking for affordable properties in a less busy neighbourhood.

Do You Want to Move to Valencia?

There you have it. These districts are the best places to live in Valencia city. If this fantastic selection has persuaded you to move to Valencia, contact us at Relocation Services Valencia today. We can guide you through the entire process, from start to finish.

You can also start browsing the amazing selection of properties available in these neighbourhoods. If you would like more information about any of the properties you find, or just more information about the areas, you can also contact our Dream Properties Valencia department.

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