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One great thing about living in Valencia is the accessibility to the rest of Spain. You may be looking forward to a summer trip in the sunny South, or a relaxing break in the scenic North. Either way, when thinking about a staycation in Spain, you will likely think of sun, sea and beach. You might not think of Spain’s white peaks and long ski slopes, but amazingly, Spain offers this too. You can thoroughly enjoy skiing in Spain, from the Pyrenees in the North to the fantastic ski resorts in the South.

skiing in spain

Where to Ski in Spain?

When winter approaches, the seasonal shift often evokes fond memories of snowballs, ski slats and hot chocolate. Fortunately, if you live in Valencia, you don’t have to look to Austria, France or Switzerland to relive such memories. A pleasant surprise to many, Spain offers a fantastic selection of winter sports throughout the country, including skiing. Read on to discover our favourite areas for skiing in Spain, all suitable for true ski fanatics!

Sierra Nevada: Skiing With a Sea View

sierra nevada skiing

We’re starting in the South. No doubt you’ve heard of the Sierra Nevada, the southernmost ski area in Europe with Spain’s highest peaks. The Sierra Nevada is located just 27 kilometres from the city of Granada and 100 kilometres from the coast. What is more, if you choose to spend ski-season here, you will be skiing with a sea view!

Above all, the Sierra Nevada is a first-class destination for ski enthusiasts. The resort covers no less than 108 kilometres spread over 115 pistes. These 115 slopes are divided into 16 green, 40 blue, 50 red and 9 black runs. Moreover, the Sierra Nevada has two more ski circuits for cross-country skiing!

Should you need lessons, the resort also offers 15 schools for all levels. Also, rest assured that the slopes are exceptionally well maintained, with 350 artificial snow cannons. Overall, this is a fantastic destination for skiing in Spain.

Teruel: Skiing Near Valencia

Less known but no less fun are the Javalambre and Valdelinares ski resorts, in the Teruel region. You will find this beautiful ski area just a 90-minute drive from Valencia’s city centre. Perfect for Valencia’s residents to go skiing for a week, weekend or even just for the day! These two excellent ski resorts are both worth a visit.

Situated at an altitude of 1650 to 2000 metres, Javalambre boasts 15 kilometres of ski slopes and 7 lifts. There are mainly blue slopes (14 kilometres), and a kilometre long red ski slope. A day pass in high season costs €36 for adults and €29 for children. Are you planning an extended trip? Book an overnight stay in the nearby town of Camarena de la Sierra.

The other pearl of Teruel is the Valdelinares resort, where you will find a few more red runs than in Javalambre. Located at an altitude of 1737 to 1979 metres, Valdelinares has 9 lifts and 17 kilometres of ski slopes, with 10 kilometres of blue and 7 kilometres of red. You can spend your evening at the Spanish version of the après-ski in Valdelinares, situated at an altitude of 1692 meters. 

Catalan Pyrenees: Skiing Like a Royal

Of course, you can also enjoy a skiing holiday in the North of Spain, on the border with France in the Pyrenees mountains. In just a few hours from your home in Valencia, you will find yourself in the Catalan Pyrenees, discovering some of the best slopes in Spain. Here, even the staunchest ski enthusiasts will have a fantastic time. Moreover, be assured that you will be in good company, as these slopes are a favourite amongst famous skiers and the Spanish Royal Family.

If you want the best of the best, we recommend Baqueria-Beret for a luxury excursion in the snow. This area is considered the very best in Spain. You can enjoy 155 kilometres of ski slopes, with 103 pistes to choose from – 6 green, 42 blue, 39 red and 16 black, accessible with a total of 34 lifts. The slopes are also exceptionally well maintained with no less than 629 snow cannons! Are you looking for a challenge? Try the boardercross circuit with exciting jumps and slopes. Skiing with glamour? Baqueira-Beret is the place to be!

Near Baqueria-Beret you can also visit the Boi Taull Ski Resort. Here you can indulge in 41.3 kilometres of ski slopes on 32 pistes. Enjoy 10 kilometres of blue, 22.7 miles of red and 8.6 kilometres of black runs. Moreover, you can also find the ski resort La Molina/Masella located in the Girona region a little closer to the Costa Brava coast. Here you can use the 42 lifts to use 141 kilometres of ski slopes. Enjoy 76 kilometres of blue, 47 kilometres of red and 18 kilometres of black ski slopes – another fabulous place for ski enthusiasts.

Looking for a further option? Consider the beautiful ski resorts in Andorra, where you can enjoy 303 kilometres of skiing fun in the Andorran Pyrenees!

Prepare for Ski-Season

skiing near valencia

Depending on the weather conditions, Spain allows you to enjoy the snow from the beginning of December to the end of April. The prices vary by area, but generally, you can expect to spend between €27 and €55 for a day of skiing. However, most ski resorts offer seasonal passes which work out cheaper.

You can also rent ski gear and attend the ski schools offered throughout the various areas. In short, Spain’s ski resorts promise to cater to all of your ski-season needs!

Moreover, Relocation Services Valencia offers sustained living support, as part of our relocation services. As such, we can advise you on the very best leisure resorts and activities to meet your needs, and ensure you’re living your dream life all year around! Contact us for more information!

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